Welcome to the Stroke-in-Stoke Website

This site is has been developed as a resource for patients, their families and carers, staff  looking after patients with stroke or conducting research related to stroke. I hope you will enjoy browsing. I would welcome contributions and suggestions form patients, carers, staff, and members of the public interested in stroke.


Masters Degree in Stroke Medicine (MMedSci Stroke) at Keele University.  Please follow the link for detail and application forms.

Stoke Stroke School  is back!  
Please contact Christine Roffe or Caroline Lambert for details.  

Life after stroke
Personal experience Mr Brin Helliwell video part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

My Research Journey
A stroke survivor's experiences of being involved in stroke research (link).

Stoke Stroke Serive in the News
Dr Natarajan talks about stroke and how to prevent it.

The Stroke Rap
Click this to have a good laugh.

Stroke in Sudan
Support the delevloment of the first stroke unit in Sudan by clicking here.


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